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No matter what your goals in aviation are, the PPL is the first true step towards becoming a professional or any kind of pilot, Now with remote theory which allows you to complete the ground training from home.
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EASA Night Rating

The Night Rating course is a Natural step after completing PPL(A). This rating allows students to fly after sunset in VFR conditions, making Time Building more flexible & enjoyable.
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EASA Instrument Rating

This Rating Extends the privileges of PPL(A) or CPL(A), and allows pilots fly according to IFR in cloudy weather or any other circumstance of reduced visibility.
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This course is One of the last steps in becoming a professional pilot. It allows you to act as the pilot of an aircraft for remuneration.
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During the Integrated ATPL(A), you will become a Commercial Pilot in 14 months, from no flight experience to holding an EASA ATPL Frozen license, including MCC and JOC courses.
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EASA Integrated ATPL

Our most exclusive and structured program allows you to quickly complete your training and offers a wide variety of modules.
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Integrated ATPL In The USA

Now approved by Austro Control, you can complete our exclusive EASA Integrated Training in sunny Miami.
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IR English

Prior to the practical examination for the Instrument Rating IR(A), you have to pass a theoretical examination in IR(A) Aviation English.
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Discovery Flight

The discovery flight allows you to explore your passion for flying and unlock your aviation potential.
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ICAO English

the objective of the ICAO English is to improve the level of language proficiency globally and reduce the frequency of communication errors. Pass your exam with Flying Academy and get refresh courses prior to your selected date.
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Bad Vöslau, Vienna
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Prague, Czech Republic
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Brno (West Falcon Field), Czech Republic