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Fulfill your hours with our Time Building offers!

Exciting offers on Time Building packages to ensure pilot students build required hours expeditiously with iconic views and experiences. We offer a variety of advantages and benefits each catering to different locations, including:

  • FREE Accommodation
  • Extra money is credited towards your training 
  • Fairly Priced Hourly Rentals
  • Airport Transportation Arranged upon Arrival

Get an amazing Time Building experience and fly the Piper Arrow

Fly Cessna 172SP- G1000

Sign up for PPL, Night Rating, or Time Building at our Vienna base, and get the best hourly rate for Cessna 172SP G1000 – only 195€
(The offer starting from 15 hours)

Cessna 172 SP Glass Cockpit is a perfect plane for your Night Rating or Time Building, and it is a favorite of students worldwide. The flight deck is powered by the Garmin G1000®.

Get the amazing experience of flying in Miami!

Sign up for the PPL course at our Vienna base and the ATPL theory online course before 31/09/2022, and get an awesome discount for Time Building in the sunny USA – 5 USD/hour from the standard rates*!

Flying in the USA is a priceless experience for future professionals and keen amateurs. Perfect weather conditions and attractive prices – Flying Academy USA invites you to join now!

From 0 to ATPL in as little as 14 months

Sign up for the Integrated ATPL program before 31/09/2022, and get a discount of 1500 EUR from the program!

The Integrated programs have always been the most intensive and fast-paced type of pilot training. Its graduates are welcomed by airlines. Join the Integrated ATPL program at our Vienna base and become a professional pilot in only 14 months!