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Flying Academy - Austria

Flying Academy is an EASA Approved Training Organization (ATO), which operates from  Bad Vöslau Airport (LOAV) outside of Vienna. Austria enjoys a moderate continental climate which makes it a perfect place for your practical training throughout the year. The Vöslau airfield’s dynamic traffic and controlled airspace will prepare you for a future airline career. Flying Academy is the first choice of pilot training for future Professional or Private Pilots from around the world. All training is performed following Part-FCL regulations.

Flying Academy's Purpose

Flying Academy’s mission is to set the new standard of professional flight training. We have the insight and techniques to prepare our flight students for their licences and an aviation career.

Our mission is to personally guide our students and ensure an environment where their goals take flight.

We are Flying Academy an international flight school with over six bases around the world. Founded by airline pilots thirty years ago, we share our experience with our flight students.

Flying Academy prioritizes and promotes culture in every aspect of our company.

Our fleet of 42 aircraft consists of single and multi-engine aircraft.

The training is organized via live broadcasted classrooms, which include detailed instructions on classwork assignments and homework, with the full support of our Learning Management System (e-learning) providing you with access to all the study materials you need anywhere and testing databases to help you with written stage check exams when the time comes. Our state-of-the-art studio ensures a great learning experience during your online lessons. Studying has never been easier.

Flying Academy ED GmbH
Flugplatz 1
2542 Kottingbrunn
Business ID: FN 516776s
Bank: Oberbank AG
IBAN: AT57 1500 0040 2104 0383


By shifting our theoretical training online, you join the global aviation community anywhere around the world.

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Meet Our Fleet

Cessna 172 SP
The Cessna 172 SP, is a single engine high-wing, fixed gear, four-seater aircraft. The flight deck is equipped with the Garmin G1000 avionics suite.
172 P172 P
Cessna 172 P
The Cessna 172 is a four-seater, single engine, high-wing airplane. The Cessna 172 is used for PPL, CPL, and IR Training.
152 EU152 EU
Cessna 152
The Cessna 152 is the most popular two-seat trainer in history - with fixed tricycle gear.

Our European Locations

Дизайн без названия (3)Дизайн без названия (3)
Portimao, Portugal
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Bad Vöslau, Vienna
172 RG172 RG
Prague, Czech Republic
PIC 00127PIC 00127
Falcon Field, Czech Republic